How To Put A Mattress Cover

A mattress cover is a must-have thing in order to protect your mattress. The main reason we use a mattress cover is that of the fact that it helps us to protect our mattress so that it can last longer. Today, in this particular article we are going to look into some of the important details related to putting a mattress cover.

How to put on a mattress cover?

  1. The first step is to remove all your bedding including your pillows, sheets and mattress pad.
  2. You may require help with the installation. Take help and erect the mattress vertically.
  3. Now slip the mattress cover from the top of the mattress.
  4. Once you are done the zip up the mattress cover at the foot of the bed.

Benefits of using a hypoallergenic mattress cover:

The main benefits of using a hypoallergenic mattress cover include the following:

  1. It helps in extending the life of your mattress by protecting it from getting damaged.
  2. The covers are easier to clean than the mattress itself/
  3. They help in keeping the bed bugs away.
  4. They also help in keeping the sheets in place.
  5. They also protect your mattress from liquids seeping into it.
  6. They also keep the dust mites away.
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Features of hypoallergenic mattress covers:

Mattress covers are known to serve several purposes. In fact, they come with various features which makes them all the more useful. Before, buying a mattress covers you are required to check out for these features in a mattress cover.

  1. Hypoallergenic: If your top priority is to keep the allergy-causing agents along with dust mites away from your mattress then, this is the first feature that you should be looking for in a mattress. These types of covers keep the mattress completely enclosed.
  2. Waterproof: If you have a baby in the house who is prone to wet your mattress often then, this is just the right feature to look for in a mattress cover. It can also protect your mattress from accidental spills as well.


  1. Bedbug resistant: Bedbugs are quite common in the city areas. If you want your mattress to be free of bed bugs then this particular feature should be your first priority. With the help of this feature, you can protect your mattress from the bed bug manifestation.


  1. Heated: If you reside in a cold area and wish to save your electric bills on heating then you can definitely get a mattress feature that can provide you with a bit of extra warmth during the chilly winter nights.


  1. Padded: If you are looking for some extra comfort then buying a padded mattress cover would be just right for you. However, you are required to keep in mind that these padded mattresses do not come with any other features.

What does a mattress protector (cover) do?

  1. Keeps the mattress clean: By using a mattress protector or cover you can keep your mattress clean. Like for example, even if you are perspiring at night, it won’t reach your mattress. Similarly, no amount of dust or any other particle will reach your mattress.


  1. Keeps the mattress feeling in like new condition for longer: A mattress protector can also help you keep your mattress like new for longer periods of time. As it protects it from any damaging element from the outside, it will keep it just new like. Without a protector, you may have to replace the mattress sooner.


  1. Helps in preventing dust mite allergies from acting up: It can also help in preventing the dust mites and allergy-causing agents to reach to your mattress. Thus, it will also help you to stay away from these allergic agents when you sleep at night.


  1. Helps protect the warranty: You can also protect the warranty of the mattress by keeping it stain free with the help of a mattress cover. A single stain could make the warranty void. But with the help of a mattress cover, you can keep it fine.

Well, now you know what a mattress cover can do for your mattress and the benefits of using it. If you wish to have a long-lasting mattress then using a cover is a must. However, you should check all the features of a mattress cover before buying it.