The like (polubienia) on Facebook makes sales possible.

Facebook remains that social media that has been preserved over the years and with which communication is achieved through the world; advertising strategies are focused on harnessing as much as possible that the choices provided by this social network that has become additionally in an investigation tool for products and services.

In the long run, Facebook has become a sales tool for companies, both for those that offer products and those that offer services, so when the reader or visitor views a large number of like facebook (facebook polubienia) on a page, that product or that image becomes interesting for that buyer even inviting him to enter the page completely.
When that page receives a lot of likes facebook (facebook polubienia), it becomes a magnet for new recipients and therefore increases the chances of earning more money for that company that is promoting its products or services.

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Mark Zuckerberg never imagined that he was also creating on Facebook one of the biggest marketing tools in the world, he was only creating a page to be able to socialize, but if from the beginning he had imagined the emporium that would be for companies and its commercialization of products, growth would have been exponentially unquantifiable.

Every entrepreneur knows and takes into account that, for the sale of their products or services, the best tool within the budget and the highest is the marketing one, not only asking their employees and friends to join the Facebook page and I him like (polubienia), he is going to position his products so Lajki grants that viable option to get all the possible likes on his page, his products or services. There are a number of offers that adapt to the need of the employer.