What has happened to Dale Earnhardt ex-wife Teresa Earnhardt?

Ralph Dale Earnhardt or better known simply as Dale Earnhardt, was an extraordinary driver of speed cars in the United States. His field was the NASCAR races, in which he won 7 titles of the NASCAR Cup Series; likewise, he won in 6 days of the Daytona Clash, 3 times the race of the stars of NASCAR and a single time in 1998 the competition of 500 miles of Daytona.

However, during the 500-mile Daytona race that took place in 2001, the driver disputed the number one position, when on the last lap, Dale’s vehicle rushed against the other driver Ken Schrader on the walls of the circuit. The impact was so violent that Dale had a skull fracture that immediately led to his death.

During his career, he had founded his own company called Dale Earnhardt, Inc., which, after the death passed into the hands of Dale Earnhardt ex wife Teresa Earnhardt, who had been together since the 80s or so. But what is his life now? Did he remarry? Did he continue to command the company? Then those questions will be answered.

After the death of her husband Dale Earnhardt ex-wife, Teresa Earnhardt took over completely the company Dale Earnhardt, Inc., which they founded together in 1998. However, two years later the sponsors no longer wanted to support The Company, and in turn, the son of the couple, Dale Jr., started a dispute over the company’s ownership. Because of all the chaos over the conflict, Dale Earnhardt ex-wife Teresa Earnhardt made the decision to partner with Chip Ganassi, which produced the Earnhardt Ganassi Racing.

In spite of that, in 2014 Ganassi bought all the shares of the company. So she dedicated herself to managing other businesses that her former husband left and in this way to preserve his legacy. Regarding her love life, she remains single, although there are certain unconfirmed rumors that link her to Menards owner John Menard Jr.