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The media traditionally have a great reach to the masses, consequently, the best way to reach the public is through these means. Therefore, companies have chosen to issue press releases to interact with their clients, which are issued in the press reaching a large audience to convey their plans, projects or ideas to develop.Then, it is necessary to establish a link between the interested company or business and the press itself, this is the responsibility of the press release service, which is the contact that is responsible for bringing the press releases written by the company in question to the press. In addition, it is essential to have an entity that guarantees the press release distribution among the media with the largest audience, reaching a wider public interested in the services offered by the company.

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In that sense, LINKING NEWS offers great quality, security and confidence, so that you increase the visibility and reliability of your site, reaching an audience around the world, have a large market, especially in China. Making the Asian market a great goal for your company or your business.In short, LINKING NEWS is best press release distribution service offering the highest quality service in the market, with a fully guaranteed distribution, establishing links with a larger and diverse public around the world, guaranteeing you a global reach.